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"Knight In Shining Armor"

I remember vividly, like yesterday
Such a gentleman, golden heart within,
You swept me away.....

Took 3 years, but I finally surrendered
Now we're standing here, after 18 years
This November.......

Oh, you've made my house a home
With 2 kids and love so strong
That is why to you, I dedicate this song.......oh

You're my Knight in shining armor
  Always there to save the day
  Through sunshine and the rain.....
 You're my knight in shining armor
  Devoted forever, my love will stay.......

  I remember Magic Mountain, on our first date
 Rollercoaster ride, ooh I nearly died,
  But you made me safe.....

  And how can I forget when you sang "3 Times A Lady"
 Couldn't live without you without a doubt,
  No maybes.............

  Oh, you've made my life complete
18 Anniversaries,
  That is why I know, we were meant to be.......

For you Robert Knight
Affectionately, on our 18th Anniversary From Melissa


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